Sealed End Dumps

Haul contaminated soil, drill cuttings, sawdust, peat moss, mulch.

Walking Floor Trailers

Haul top quality sawdust for drilling activities.

Tank Trucks

Haul oilfield fluids as Body Job or with Trailers.

Water Trucks

Haul Hot Water/Fresh Water.

Sawdust / Peat Moss / Mulch

Tractors with 53' Walking Floor Trailers utilized.

Drill Cuttings

Tractors with Sealed End Dumps used.

Low Side and High Side Shale Bins

Low Side and High Sided Shale Bins available.

Contaminated Soil

Sealed End Dumps used to haul to landfill locations.

Reclamation Work

Tractors with Sealed End Dumps used.

Water Reservoirs

Available for Camp Water requirements.

Light Towers

Available for 24 hour lighting and power plant needs.

Rack Sites / Storage

Available for customer equipment.

Combo Vacuum Truck